Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miniature art

Since I am the oldest of four kids, my parent’s budget would sometimes get a little bit taut when we were growing up. 

When birthdays would roll around my mother would ask us kids what we wanted as a gift.  The others would ask for toys, me, I would ask for art supplies. We always shared most of everything but a birthday gift was yours alone. 

Art supplies were the ultimate gift for me.  When I wanted charcoal to draw I fed on the belief that necessity was the mother of all invention. So I sat in the backyard and burned the tips of twigs with the matches I wasn’t even supposed to have.  If I wanted clay, I went to the edge of a creek by our house and dug some out of the ground.  Sometimes it was actually clay, other times, maybe not. Drawing surfaces could be anything from sidewalks to brown paper bags.

So you see I developed a thrifty edge to my artistic endeavors.  When I got any new art supplies, paints, pads, brushes, crayons, pencils, etc.  I was very frugal with their use.  I found I could use my supplies sparingly if I worked small.

So began my love of miniature art.  As an adult I can be as wasteful with supplies as I want, but the child in me still wants to conserve.  Miniature art has become a passion.

Recently, while on an errand to purchase some art supplies I came across some mini stretched canvases.  I couldn’t resist so I purchased them.  Although the photography is not the best, I present my first mini stretched canvas original.

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Mini Canvas Paint Horse


Linda said...

Great Little treasure. Linda :)

art2cee2 said...

Thank you Linda! ;-)

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