Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Horse of a different Color?

"Wearin O the Green" ACEO

The thing I love most about horses is the fact that there are tons of different breeds, and many, many colors and variations.  I won’t try and venture a guess as to exactly how many breeds or colors exist, but I will say it’s a lot.

Now as an artist who likes variety and color, I am, most of the time, on cloud nine.  There are spots and stripes, snips and socks. There are duns, which have a dorsal stripe and the similar Buckskin that does not.  Some horses have two colors and sometimes even three.  There are rare colors such as gruella, which I have personally never seen in the flesh and the oft seen chestnuts and bays.  There are Grays, which to the uninitiated appear white and true whites. 

When you are talking paints, you have Overos and Tobianos.  Appaloosas can have blankets with spots or be leopard spotted or even just snowflaked.  It makes ones head spin to try and figure out all the combinations.

You wouldn’t think that with all this many horse colors to choose from I would be unsatisfied.  It isn’t often but occasionally I like to create some of my very own.  So like on The Wizard of Oz there are times when I enjoy painting a horse of a different color.


jamberry_song said...

Very insightful; I never knew there were just so many variations! And the horse of a different color was always my favorite thing about the Emerald City. :)

art2cee2 said...

Love the "Wizard of Oz." and me too, love "the horse of a different color you've heard tell about." LOL

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