Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Pony scarecrow ACEO

When my daughter was little we always brainstormed costumes for her each Halloween.  Many times we also made costumes for horse show fun classes.  She has been a scarecrow, an angel, a devil, a cheerleader, and the list goes on.   Although many people shy away from homemade costumes, they can be the most original and best ones.  It is easier than you think to create a costume from scratch if you just use a few materials and a little imagination.

To make a scarecrow costume you will need:

A plain hooded sweatshirt in a buff color
A hank of raffia (sold in craft stores)
Sweatpants in a darker color (hunter green is nice)
Some fabric scraps (the wilder the colors the better, old cotton clothes are a perfect source)
Some face paint (Snazaroo is a good one)
Fabric glue
If desired some dimensional craft paint in black
Straw hat
You can also make a lightweight black crow from Styrofoam and black feathers or you can purchase one from the Halloween section of the craft or dept. store.

Cut the fabric scraps into 4-inch squares.  You can, if desired vary the sizes of the squares. 

Using the fabric glue, glue the squares randomly onto the sweatshirt and sweat pants.  Vary the placement. Let dry and if desired, draw stitch marks on the squares all around and let dry.  Let your creativity soar.

Make the raffia wristlets and anklets.  Braid two strips of raffia to fit around wrist.  Make sure it is long enough to tie in a bow. Do the same with two braided lengths of raffia to fit around ankles.  Cut lengths of raffia and loop around and knot onto the braided pieces.  Do this for all four braided lengths.  Add as many strips of raffia as desired, the fuller the better.

When putting on costume attach the wristlets and anklets of raffia and tuck under the cuffs of the sleeves and the cuffs of the pants.  Let just the strips of raffia poke out.

With face paint, draw a stitch line down the center of the face and at the corners of the mouth.  Paint the nose brown in a triangle shape.

Attach a crow to the straw hat and put on.  Done.


For the horse you will need glue that is sold in craft stores called “Tack it over and over”.  Apply this glue onto the back of the fabric squares and let dry.  This way you can attach it to the horse and take it off easily.  You will also need to make anklets for all four hooves.  Remember to measure the braided length to tie around the hooves.  Add a straw hat with a crow attached to complete the ensemble.  Please feel free to contact me for any extra instructions or suggestions.  


jamberry_song said...

The painting is adorable and so is the photograph! It really looks good put all together like that. And I agree with you, homemade costumes are the best. :D

allhorsestuff said...

Well Hello there!
Thanks for signing up to "Follow/Lead/Share" at my place!!
What beautiful artworks!
I am getting a kick outa that costume and this cute little 'Halley" horse on your sidebar too!
Be back to read more!!

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