Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KIDS CRAFTS--Instructions to make Hal the Halloween pumpkin eraser

When I was a kid play Play Doh was one of my favorite things.  Opening those little tubs that contained chunks of colored clay was always a highlight. In your hands this simple lump of clay could become anything your heart desired.  And then if you wanted to keep it you could just let it air dry.  The salty smell and taste, oh yes, I know you tasted too, brings back many happy memories.

Since those long ago days, molding compounds have grown by leaps and bounds.  There are air-dry paper clays, clays that must be oven baked, flexible clays and even clays that become erasers to name just a few.  Today’s Wednesday kid’s craft utilizes the clay that can become an eraser.  Amazing, I know.

Eraser clay is available in craft stores and there is enough clay in the kit to make several erasers.  Watch this blog for more Halloween/fall eraser instructions.  This craft is for children over 6 years old.

Pumpkin face eraser
You will need:

Sculpey Eraser Clay.
 Kit is complete with several colors of clay and tools

Pan lined with foil

Oven set at 250 degrees F

Piece of wax paper to work on

It is important to warm each piece of clay and knead in your hands to soften to a workable texture.

1.  Prepare the clay. Remove the cellophane wrapping from the yellow and neon orange package of eraser clay.  Using the plastic tool provided in the kit cut the orange clay in half.  Cut the yellow in half, then in half again making two quarter pieces. 

2.  Make the head. After the pieces are softened roll into three balls.  Place a yellow ball at each end of the orange ball of clay.  Roll together to blend slightly.  Roll the combined clays into a snake shape.  Twist to combine and then roll into a ball.  As you roll put pressure on one end making it into an oval.  Flatten bottom (thicker end) on the work surface. This is the pumpkin head.

3.  Attach the stem and vines.  Break off 3 small pieces of green clay and warm and soften as you did for the other pieces.  Roll into thin snake shapes and press to attach to the narrower end of the pumpkin.  Curl as desired as you place on top.  Break another small piece of green and roll into a thicker tube and place in between the curled green pieces for the stem. (See photo) Press in some vertical lines using the tool provided.

4.  Make the opening for the pencil. Using the sharpened pencil end make an opening in the bottom of the head with a drilling motion. Remove the pencil and place the eraser end in the hole to make sure the fit is good.

5.  To make the eyes break off two small pieces of yellow and roll into a small oval shape and flatten onto front of pumpkin.  Attach two small pieces of purple at the bottom corners of eyes and flatten as before.  Take another small piece and roll into an oval.  Flatten onto front of face under the eyes for a nose.

6. Finish your eraser. Line a pan with aluminum foil and bake the eraser at 250 degrees F for 10 minutes. Do not use microwave oven.  

Follow the directions on the package.  Do not bake too long or at a higher temperature.  Do not use cooking utensils with the clay.  Designate these items for clay alone. Note: Not recommended for children under 6.  It requires adult supervision.

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Marlene said...

Thank you! I had not heard of eraser clay but it looks fun. Your eraser is adorable. This clay is going on my grandchildren's christmas list. Fun Stocking stuffer for their age group (first and 4th grades)

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