Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kids CRAFTS--Instructions to make Frankenstein's Monster eraser

Ok, as promised another eraser clay project…

Frankenstein’s monster eraser

In case you didn’t know it, Frankenstein was the name of the maker and not the monster.  J

You will need:

Sculpey eraser clay kit

Clay tools included in the kit

Oven for baking

Pan lined with aluminum foil

A piece of typing paper or waxed paper on work surface

1.     Cut ¾ of the neon green clay.  Knead in your hands to warm and soften.  This will condition the clay.  Roll the softened clay into a ball and then roll on the work surface to create a thick tube shape.  

Tap each end onto the work surface to flatten.

2.     Break a small large pea sized piece of purple clay and condition as before.  Use the clay roller to flatten thinly.  With the flat edge tool cut out small triangle shapes from the flattened piece of purple clay.  Attach to the top of the green tube shape to represent hair.

3.     If you want your eraser to be a pencil topper, now is the time to use the pointed end of the pencil to drill an opening at the bottom.

4.     Break another tiny piece of purple clay and roll into a little snake shape about ½” (measurements do not need to be precise) and cut in half with the clay tool.
5.     Attach to head ¾” of the way down on each side.  Use the clay tool to push onto the head as shown in photo.

6.     Roll two pieces of yellow clay into small balls and flatten. Add two small purple flattened balls on top of the yellow ones. Press into place on the face.  With the pointed end of the clay tool mark into clay an upward curve.  Add three stitch marks around mouth line.

8.     Bake in a 250 degree F oven for 10 minutes.  Do not over bake or increase the temperature.  Let cool before picking up eraser.

Do not use a microwave oven.  This project requires adult supervision.  Do not use cooking utensils when working with the clay.  


Kiki said...

AWw..awesome...how adorable and incredibly creative!! Super gorgeous little soul..lovely fun project! You rock!
thans for adding magic to my day!

Gary Keimig said...

great looking. Loved your jack-O-Lantern. A lot of work for, as you say, not much longevity

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