Saturday, October 16, 2010


Here is a riddle for you to solve. 

I dodge photographers and exit my room to flashing bulbs.  I eat in five star restaurants.  I visit the spa on a regular basis.  I have a maid that makes my bed and cleans up my mess.  I go to midnight openings and comedy clubs.  I travel to exotic places. I lounge by the pool and then the hot tub.  I play roulette and black jack.  I sometimes, get up at noon with a headache.  Who am I?

Sculptures outside Atlantis in the Bahamas

Give up?  No, it’s not a rock star or an actor, its me!  I am on a cruise and I will back in a week.  See you then.  J


Lee said...

LOVE IT! Have fun ;)

Marlene said...

Have a great time, lucky you.

Lisa said...

Just come back from the Cruise to the bahamas, see the Atlantis TOO! :) Lovely Blog!

Leovi said...

Lovely winged horse. Tomorrow I will upload two winged hearts.

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