Monday, October 25, 2010

Smartest, Cats or dogs?

Himalayan mix cat ACEO

Recently, my husband looked me square in the eye and said,

“Which do you think is smarter, cat or dog?" I immediately thought to myself that this was a setup, so I replied that each was smart in its own way.

He retorted, that no, he is 110% sure that cats are smarter.  Now this man is no cat person.  The only reason we have a cat is because I adopted a homeless waif of a cat that showed up at our door one day.  He insists, however that a cat has the upper hand cranially over any other species of animal. 

Personally I am a bit inclined to agree with him.  Olivia, the former orphan rules the house with an iron paw.  If she wants to go into a closed room she reaches and turns the handle.  I’m not kidding. And just you try and give her a pill.  She will give you the stink eye for the rest of the week.  Trying to grind it up into her favorite food doesn’t work either.  She just thinks you are trying to poison her and she will let that food rot without a nibble.

A cat can hide like nobodies business.  They hide in places you didn’t know existed.  Yes, that’s smart.  Smarter still is that if my cat sees that carrier she knows that she is going to the vet and it will be easier to catch a greased pig. 

Dogs are goofy, they love you they lick you and they sit by your feet whether there is something in it for them or not.  They love you unconditionally. They know who is boss.

Cats are wily.  They will pretend they love you if you give them tuna.  They will rub against you if you scratch the right spot under their necks, but everything, and I mean everything is conditional where a cat is concerned.   You better know who is boss.

I returned home from my cruise yesterday.  The dog went wild.  She yelped and jumped, and licked me like she hadn’t seen me in a year.  I petted her and then walked over to the cat, sleeping in her bed.  She raised her head, opened her eyes and…yes, she closed them again.  Nothing to gain here!

Cats or dogs, which is smarter?  What do you think?

Olivia watching TV


Lee said...

They both seem to have mastered techniques to get what they want...

Lee said...

Love your ACEO :D

Leovi said...

Both are very smart dogs understand better the orders of the Homan and are more obedient, cats have more freedom and do what they want. A beautiful illustration. A greeting.

Liz Revit said...

Cats definitely seem to have the edge.

Nice painting.

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