Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween for the dogs?

My dog, Maddy,  is not one for costumes.  She does, however, love her squirrel costume.  Maybe its makes her feel like a wolf in sheep's clothing since she just loves to chase squirrels.  I just think its cute.

Some dogs just love to ham it up, don't they?

She also loves toys but you better keep those round toy shaped pumpkins out of reach or one will soon become her favorite...toy that is.


Lee said...

A squirrel costume! How Perfect!
I know a cairn that needs one so he can sneak up on his favorite friends :D
Does Maddy like all the Trick or Treaters?

art2cee2 said...

She's a barker. I have to shut her up in an upstairs room. Maddy barks when anyone leaves or comes to the door. I have to stand there with a can filled with pennies (I don't actually have to shake it) and she will be quiet. That is a little hard to do with a bowl of candy in my hands. Plus costumes on people might make her bark even more. And like all Jack Russell terriers she loves to chase squirrels. :-)

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