Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the movie "Secretariat"

Last night I saw the new movie, “Secretariat” and although this blog’s purpose is not to print movie reviews I just have to say a little something about it.

I’ve always been involved in the horse industry.  I’ve operated a Tack Shop for years, and my daughter has been showing horses since she was two.

Since my family lived not 20 miles from the farm where Secretariat was born (Which is now the site of the Va. State Fairgrounds) I pretty much grew up knowing about Secretariat.  I never actually had the opportunity to see him up close, and I didn’t know the family but even so I can’t help but swell with pride knowing that this amazing horse once grazed nearby.

As I watch the screen I already know how the story ends, but the adrenaline still surges at scenes of races run. And when it is over and I see the roses draped over that red sorrel chestnut horse, I know why I love horses.


Marlene said...

Gorgeous horses.

Rona Gregory said...

Oh wow! I can hear music! beautiful! How, what....?

will have to read the post over and over just so I can listen!

Impressed - Ro xxx

art2cee2 said...

Thank you so much Marlene. It is a pastel I did (forgot to caption it) called "Power Lunch." ;-)

Lee said...

Munch Munch Munch! Great painting!

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