Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tax or Tack Shop


Whenever I attend a get together and meet new people the inevitable question will always arise.

“And what do you do?”

Sounds simple enough.  I say that I am an artist, which is pretty normal.  I then add that I specialize in equine art and I may get a few quizzical looks.  Finally, I tell them that I also run a Tack Shop.  

If you are not in a room with people who know horses,  no one, and trust me on this, nary a soul will know what a Tack Shop is.  I finally figured out why.  Mr. Webster is to blame.

 According to Webster’s dictionary the word tack is defined as the gear used in equipping a horse.  The only problem is that it is definition number 9!  It comes after things like tiny nails, zig-zags, stickiness and even some strange sounding nautical stuff.  It’s no wonder that non-English speaking people have such difficulty with the English language.  Nine definitions for a word and that’s not the least of it.  There are more than 19!

And to confuse matters even further, the word tack, when spoken, sometimes sounds to the uninitiated, like tax. So I find myself explaining even further that I do not prepare taxes.  I am not an accountant; I can barely balance my own checkbook.  I own a Tack shop not Tax Shop.  I even find myself avoiding any social events during the month of April.

So I try and think of creative ways to explain the shop. I say Saddllery…that works, I sometimes say horse equipment, then I usually give up and just say saddles, and such.  

So that being settled, I’d just like to let everyone know that I just love Quarter horses.  Yes, I said quarter not half, not two thirds but Quarter Horse --an American breed of agile horses capable of great speed in short distances, namely a quarter mile.  And that dear reader is fortunately definition number one, according to Mr. Webster.


Diana said...

Lovely picture. I'd be one of those with a question on my face about Tack Shop, although I would have guessed right. Nice work.;)

Sarah said...

hello. thank you for coming over and following my blog. your work is beautiful!you are very talented.Sarah

Mirjam said...

Thanks for following my blog. Your work is great!


Where can I find the Art Quote gadget?

XOX Mirjam

Gail said...

What a dream job! I love horses and I try to paint.

I envy your talent, you are very good.

artbyakiko said...

What a beautiful horse ACEO! I love it!
Thanks for clarifying what you do. I'm one of those people who have no idea about hourses although I love them and appreciate their beauty. I just never had a chance to get to know them. Wish I had a large place so I can have a horse or two.

art2cee2 said...

Thank you Akiko it means a lot from such a wonderful artist. Your cats and animals are awesome!

Lee said...

Beautiful ACEO, Gorgeous horses! There are a few Tack Shops in my neck of the woods. :D

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