Monday, November 15, 2010


Horse in Barn ACEO

Recently, I posted a list of gift ideas for young horse lovers. I don’t, however, want to leave out horse lovers/owners who are older than twelve. So what follows are items in all price ranges for all ages.  Some of the following ideas are for those on your list who own a horse or two, or three…

Gift ideas for Horse Lovers/owners

Many of these items may be purchased at Tack Shop’s or online

1.      Horse themed apparel is always a good choice.  Sweaters, sweatshirts or tees are items to consider and are found almost everywhere.

2.     Horse Treats.

3.     Horse jewelry. Jewelry items are found in almost any price range, from Sterling Silver to gold.  A good stock pin is a nice gift for someone who shows. 

4.     Pajamas in a horse print.  Search online or peruse catalogs.

5.     Frame a photo of their horse.  Or commission an artist to do an original painting.

6.     Horse Calendars. Bookstores like Borders stock a wide variety of calendars.

7.     If you know the recipient’s size, a pair of paddock boots or rubber boots is always welcome around a barn.

8.     Horse figurines.

9.     Halter and matching lead line.  Make sure you know the correct size.  They are Lg. Horse, standard horse, cobb, pony, and yearling.    Many barns have certain color schemes they follow so be sure to buy the appropriate color. 

10.  Books on Horse training.  There are many books published on the care and training of horses.  Check local Tack Shops, bookstores,  and for ideas.

11. Horse related DVD’s. 

12. For a horse owner a personalized Halter plate, saddle plate or stall plate is a much-appreciated gift.  Most tack shops do the engraving or send it out for you.  You can also get these done online.

13. Riding gloves in leather or cotton are a wonderful and useful gift.  You may even purchase ones that are lined in fleece for winter use.

14. Leather punch, a necessity around any barn.

15. Leather cleaner and supplies.

16. If your intended recipient is a trail rider then you cannot go wrong with saddlebags, cantle bag, or a drink holder that attaches with a snap.

17. Colorful horse themed socks or boot socks for use with field or dress boots.

18. Helmet cover.  These covers come in colorful fabrics or in velvet like fabrics that make your schooling helmet look just like a show helmet.

19.  Throw with a horse theme that can be used in any room for a bit of extra warmth.

20. Half-chaps or schooling chaps.  You will have to know an approximate size.  These are usually sized in xsm-xl

21. Flat back buckets are a basic item and as an added bonus you can even use it as a container to give your gift!

22. Note cards.  Leaning Tree cards are available in tack shops and gift shops.

23. A magazine subscription to a horse magazine, like Equus, Horse Illustrated, Horse and rider, Dressage, etc.

24. If you just cannot come up with anything that you think will be right, you just cannot go wrong with a gift card from a local Tack shop

25. Saddle cover, helmet case or bridle bag.  These items will protect the owner’s valuable riding equipment.

Extras:  For a thoughtful little stocking stuffer I don’t know any horse person that doesn’t need hardware like Chicago screws for fixing bridles, double end snaps, and trigger snaps.  It would look really cute presented in a mason jar with a bow on top. 


Lee said...

So many wonderful ideas! I LOVE your ACEO!
Great little horse portrait :^)

Barbara Cameron said...

My kid is darling and a real pain in the a.. But I love him to bits. As for our cat, she actually was a hasty replacement for my beloved bunny Boris. Boris died and I just had a really hard time without him. I should have spent more time with Tequila before we adopted her. She was absolutely beautiful from the start but only affectionate on HER terms.
Nice to "virtually" meet you.

art2cee2 said...

All cats are affectionate on their terms. Its the nature of the feline. Sorry about your bunny. My cat I rescued from living on the streets and now she is queen of the castle. :-)

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