Sunday, November 28, 2010

S you V

The next SUV?  Airplane ACEO

Ever noticed how popular Sport utility vehicles have become?  And notice further how all the names appeal to those with high levels of testosterone?  They have become bigger and badder and seek to own the road. Just you try and see what is going on two car lengths in front while driving your smart car behind one of these monsters.  Americans lean towards these gargantuan modes of transportation and car makers continually come up with names that make even the geekiest driver feel like Davy Crockett, or even Indiana Jones.

Names like Safari, Yukon, Sequoia, all embody power.  In this post I am proposing some names for future models.  So if one day you come across these names, remember you heard it here first

1.     Kong
2.     77,747
3.     T-rex
4.     Borealis
5.     Enterprise-ing
6.     G series Zilla
7.     Waterloo
8.      Wham-u
9.      USS
10.  Tiny.  Now let me explain.  You go to a restaurant and the extremely tall Valet asks you for your keys to retrieve your car, you smile and say, “Hey Shorty, it’s the Black Tiny over there.”


Liz Revit said...

I vote for Kong and T-rex.

Lee said...

Cute! Thanks for the chuckle :D

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