Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decoupage plastic Easter egg, easy instructions

Egg Hunts

When my daughter was little I always had Easter egg hunts in my backyard.  She would invite her friends and they would look for the brightly colored eggs spread out throughout the expansive back yard.

Might I suggest when hosting an Easter egg hunt, it is a good idea to make a map listing exactly where you hid those eggs.  Although children can find almost anything (especially when they aren’t supposed to, like Christmas presents) they sometimes miss an odd egg or two.  So unless you want to be finding eggs while shoveling snow next winter, map it out.  Speaking from experience, it’s a good idea to use plastic eggs instead of real ones.  Rotten eggs smell, well, like rotten eggs!

We always had a gold egg that won a larger toy prize.  That was the special one.  So Hop on over to your craft store and pick up some supplies to make your own special golden egg.

Decoupage Plastic Easter egg

You will need:

Plastic egg (I used clear with a tab for hanging on a tree but you can easily substitute a regular plastic egg)

Decoupage glue (mod podge is a good one)

Colored napkin of choice (An all over print works best)


Small paintbrush

Gold glitter dimensional fabric paint

Wax paper to protect work surface

1.     Cut the napkin into various sized small rectangles.  Separate the layers and use only the colored layer. Take apart the egg and work on each half individually.

2.     Brush some decoupage glue onto the egg up to the edge.  Stick a rectangle on  it and immediately spread some more glue on the top.  Don’t worry about wrinkles as they give the egg added dimension.  Continue working around the entire egg edges. Keep spreading more glue on the egg until it is completely covered with some more napkin rectangles.  Gently spread a coat of glue on the entire surface.  Place down and let dry completely.  At this point if you do not like how it is coming out, don’t fret.  Wash it off and start over. 

3.     Repeat for the other half.  Let dry.

4.     When both sides are dry, draw some designs with the gold dimensional fabric paint (see photo) on each egg and let dry. 

If you have a tab on your egg it can be used to hold the egg while you are applying the decoupage.  You can even place the egg face down on the waxed paper covered work surface and apply the decoupage in that way.  Once the egg is dry you can brush another coat of the decoupage glue on both sides of the egg.


Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent Crystal, thank-you! Maybe if I start now, I will get some done for Easter ;o) Take Care!

Marlene said...

Fun idea, I have done decoupage but not on an Easter egg. I may have to go to the Dollar store and pick up some eggs, how fun is this.

Lee said...

Imagine a bowl full of these for an Easter centerpiece... Crystal, you are just full of creative ideas! Thanks for sharing them and the instructions :D

maddyrose said...

I hadn't thought of doing an Easter project until now. Picture a large cut glass bowl filled with these beauties. Thanks for sharing.

Leovi said...

Wonderful and easy to do, very nice .. Greetings.

Heather said...

oooh crystal what a great idea. Thanks for sharing this carft. I love the golden egg, idea too - we usually have an easter egg with friends too. lots of fun for the kids! one year "grandpa" was the easter bunny but gave it away when the kids spotted the easter bunny wore "grandpa's shoes" we still laugh about it!!!! hop hop!

LadyCat said...

What a beautiful egg! Thanks for sharing your instructions on how to make it. We always have an Easter egg much fun : )

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