Monday, March 7, 2011

Liquid Sunshine

I guess you could say that I am a pessimist.  I know those half full glass people are just cringing at my words. Rain is not one of my favorite things but I know that it is necessary for other favorite things like the water in my shower. My husband is one of those chief optimists. He calls rain “liquid sunshine.”  I love the man, but would so like to just deck him every time he utters that totally optimistic phrase!  Kidding, but seriously when we woke up on Sunday morning after the trip to Texas, it was raining cats and dogs. 

While I’m at it what does raining cats and dogs mean anyway?

Well, much the same as when a small child asks a question such as why is the sky blue, most of us, unless we are meteorologists can’t come up with an intelligible answer.  There are a lot of theories for this axiom, such as cats and dogs sleeping on thatched roofs and sliding off when it rained.  Yeah sure!  I know my cat wouldn’t be up there in the rain. She’d be right where she is at this very moment, in front of the fireplace.

Then there are the ones that allude to Norse mythology or translations of words, again, that doesn’t sound too plausible to me.

How about tornados?  They can scoop up animals in television movies and drop them elsewhere?  Don’t laugh, it’s probably happened although I am sure the animals will be a little worse for wear.  Fish and frogs have been documented as dropping from the sky, but I can’t for the life of me see how anyone would confuse a cat for a fish or dog for a frog!

Then there is the issue of bad sanitation in the old days that would cause the gutters to be full of dead animals.  While I don’t think anyone can say for sure, I am betting that this could be the answer. I am sure that there may have been a few cats and dogs, but probably rats and pigeons as well.  So maybe they should just alter this saying to read:

“Oh my goodness, it is raining cats, dogs, rats, mice, pigeons, possums…and… garbage!”


Heather said...

yup, i am with you. don't like rainy days my daughter says, "mommy it's raining, lets watch a movie" thats all i want to do - curl up and watch a movie by the fire, just like your cat! hee! i'm up in nj and we have sun now, but coooold.
LOVe your animals at the top, that cat is so gorgeous!!!! enjoy the day! xo

LadyCat said...

I like the rain, but then I like cloudy days better than sunny days. When I smell the rain it cheers me up. I've read that there's something about the ions in the air when it rains that are good for you.
I love your kitty and dog pictures, too : )

Maggie said...

Love your cat and doggie pics! And your sense of humor.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful pictures! You really captured great expression in these two. Don't like rain either!

Franz said...

Great paintings! The cat is my favorite!
Congrats Crystal!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great paintings Crystal and thanks for your great views on everything! I always have a smile after reading your blog! The rain has been a pain this year!

Leovi said...

For me rainy days, if not strong, they are my favorite. I find very romantic. Because in Spain there will be plenty of sunshine most of the year. Excellent the two paintings. A hug.

Marlene said...

Hate the rain, but if it rained your cat and dog pics It would be wonderful. Love them the cat is awesome.

Lee said...

I love the rain as it makes me even happier to see the sun. Guess it's just variety that I enjoy - little of this, a little of that and snow only on paper :D

Really love those paintings!

Anonymous said...

you writing is so lovely ,, just lovely

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