Friday, March 18, 2011

A little Saturday story for Jumping off places

What follows is a little story for Jumping off places hosted by Linda at  I know its a bit late but better late than never right?  I hope you enjoy it! 

On the top of the piano sat a beautiful gilded frame with a yellowing photo neatly framed behind the glass.  She picked it up and looked closer.  Why did he always have to look so serious, so stern?  That was not the man she knew.  Photos can expose a face and yet hide so much.

Gran-dad had always been her rock.  Now, more than ever she needed to talk to him.  She needed his advice and support, but most of all she needed his strength.

When others had discounted her abilities, he had always been the one to defend them.  He believed in her, and that made her believe it too.

“Your gonna make it, Dee” He’d say with a wink of his eye. 

Now she wasn’t so sure.  She closed her eyes and imagined he was right there.  She felt the comforting squeeze of his hand as he walked with her to the school bus stop. She recalled the time he sat beside her bed all night at the hospital when she fell and broke her arm. She saw him playing funny little tunes on the piano to make her squeal with laughter.
She saw so many things in that moment that it seemed almost real.  She snapped out of her reverie with a start.

Ring…ring, ring. The phone interrupted her daydream, but with a much lighter heart she answered it.


Her smile became increasingly broader and as she hung up the phone, She gently placed the frame back onto the piano and beamed at the man who believed, and as she turned to leave, she could have sworn she saw him wink!

Have a great weekend!!! :-)


Abby said...

I saw him wink too! :) Wonderful story. Thanks for participating in Jumping Off Places.

Lynn Stevens said...

Awe such a touching story!
Loved it!!!!!!!

Heather said...

aw, what a sweet story!!!! Nothing like the love from a grandparent. I enjoyed this story, so very much! have a great saturday! xo

maddyrose said...

That really was a sweet story. It said so much in so few of words. It made me remember my own grandfather who was nothing like the one in your story. :-D

Magic Love Crow said...

Excellent story Crystal! I thought about my grandpa ;o) Have a great day!

Lee said...

Wonderful little story! Reminded me of my Dad ;^)

Etienne's Journal said...

This is a beautiful story. Utterly wonderful. Thank you for posting it!

I was just wondering, would you like to check out my blog? We have quite similar ones, and it would be amazing to know what you would think! I am just a fourteen year old girl with a pocket full of dreams; an unhealthy passion for writing, and whole webpage to do as I wish.

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Lots of love, and best wishes!


Carol said...

I swore I was a follower. Maybe on another blog of yours? The story of the grandfather really touched me. I had a grandpa like that. I think I was in love with him even after I married. Still miss that man!

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

Wow! And a writer too. Amazingly multi-talented lady you are. I love the story and how you rendered the mood in your illustration.

Judy Adamson said...

Wonderful that you've managed to convey so much in such a short piece; not just a very full description of the man in the photo but a hint of a mystery plot too! I loved it!

Alina Chau said...

Nice little piece!

jamberry_song said...

Beautifully sweet little story. :)

Julia Christie said...

Wonderful wonderful story! I often think when I see portraits from long ago that people couldn't have been as stern as they looked in their photos!


Re said...

Wow! You must already have written a book... enjoyed every thought.

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