Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Almost autumn

Here in Virginia there is an old saying, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around for 24 hours.”  Yesterday it was hot and humid in the upper 90’s like it has been for most of this horribly hot summer.  There isn’t a hint of fall in the air. 

So why am I talking about the change of the season?  It’s simple, 24 hours from now it will be September 1 and that month signifies to me that summer is officially over.  It doesn’t matter if the thermometer is still in the triple digits; I’m ready for autumn to begin.

Doesn’t it always seem that by the time a particular season is over one is eager for the next one to begin?  When the umpteenth snowstorm has left another 19 inches on the ground, spring flowers beckon. After you’ve sneezed 600 times and rubbed your eyes so much you look like an old wino, you are ready for summer. Finally, while you are sweating like a pig just going 10 feet to the mailbox you realizes that yes, you are ready for fall.  By the time December rolls around you are looking forward to that first flake. 

Even so, there are many people who will bemoan the loss of long, hot days.  They will wish they could be at the beach getting sand stuck in places sand should never be.  To these summer lovers I have but one thing to say…anyone looks good in a fashionable, light jacket.  Can they say the same for a bikini?

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