Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogs, ACEOs and other imponderables

Blog…now that is quite an acronym but what does it stand for? I mean everyone is doing them so there has to be something to this phenomenon.  My daughter who is no longer a teenager but know it all like one informed me that Blog stands for Web Log. So I guess its kind of a diary, or perhaps a ships log?  Maybe I should give it star date.  Captains log, star date, today.  Ok, so now I'm ready.

I guess this blog thing supplies the inert desire in everyone to go into a sibling’s room and read their diary.  Oh no, not that, but then again you have to find it first.  So it’s safe right now—or maybe not.

What I should have been doing today (but didn't) was work on some ACEO's.  For those of you who are unaware of what ACEO stands for let me enlighten you.  A is for art, but you knew that didn't you? C is for Cards, got you on that one.  E is for Editions, which means it is some sort of print. And finally O, which stands for Original, and that, my dears is what differentiates it from a print.  So lets review.  We have Art Cards Editions and Originals.

Still not clear?  I suppose a little history on this particular subject is in order.   There are just a few simple rules.  The card size is always 2 ½” x 3 ½.” They can be any medium as long as it conforms to the size, which if you haven’t figured that out yet is basically the size of a sports trading card.  Trading is the operative word here.  These cards started out as a sort of calling card, or basically something that artists traded amongst each other.  Well, that wasn’t very fair to those who felt as if they had no artistic talent. (Which is never true, everyone has artistic talent) So one enterprising artist selling her art on Ebay decided to start selling Art Cards and a movement was born.  Art cards allowed art lovers to purchase art they would never have been able to afford in larger sizes. If an ACEO has Original in the description then it is not a print but an original miniature work of art. Below is an example of one of my ACEO's

Glad I cleared that up for you.  More of this not so hidden journal soon.


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