Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Music Muse

The music Muse

Have you ever had a song playing in your head that just wouldn’t quit?  You didn’t even particularly like that song, maybe you even hated it, but it just continued on and on.  When you weren’t paying attention you even caught yourself mouthing the words. 

Recently my artistic creative muse has taken a summer vacation and been replaced by the Music Muse.  For no apparent reason a song simply pops in my head and I am humming it or hearing it play in stereo right between my ears over and over again. When I catch myself, I flip on the radio to drown out the sounds but as soon as I turn it off, there it goes again.  It could be “In the Air tonight” by Phil Collins or “It’s a small World” from the annoying Disney ride.  Maybe it’s even something from a “Barney Episode.”

Don’t misunderstand me.  I like Phil Collins and my mother’s favorite ride was “it’s a small world” but something about the thousandth time a song is heard kind of kills it for me. 

Last night I found myself humming a Beatle song that I hadn’t heard in ages.  A few days before that, while washing dishes, I caught myself singing a lesser-known song by Harry Chapin. 

Considering my guitar has been in the guest room closet for many years collecting an audience of dust bunnies, what good I ask, can come from this music muse? Perhaps it is nudging me to stop complaining about the heat and go downstairs to my studio, pick up my brushes and do what I do best.

I turn on my radio.  I add paint onto my stay-wet palette.  I take out a piece of acrylic paper and attach it to my easel. The music starts to play…”Oh lord….OH looooord


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