Friday, August 20, 2010

The Rodney Dangerfield of mediums

Many artists I know shy away from using pastel as their medium of choice. Could it be the ability of the unfinished piece of artwork to smear at the slightest touch? Is it the fact that if one chooses to use a fixative the resulting tones may change from the one originally intended? On the other hand, could the reason be that when showing said work, it just does not get the respect that say, oils or acrylics receive? When have you ever seen a pastel win a“Best in Show?” No there is just no respect for a good pastel drawing, from neither man nor beast.

My studio is located in my basement. Although a large portion accommodates my work area, a separate section houses various outdoor items. There is a sliding glass door at the far end and, of course, there are those in my household who will use that door frequently. One being a teenager bringing out this bat or that skateboard, or bike often enough as to resemble a revolving door.
Not too long ago, this door remained open a tad too long. Do teenagers ever shut anything?

To a tiny bird, an easel is such a perfect place to perch. Unfortunately, for me, what perches must purge, and purge it did right on the half complete art in progress.

I have found that wrens can be extremely harsh art critics, and birdy doodoo, on pastel paper leaves a stain that is, well, permanent. The tiny interloper must have flown in made his opinion known and then flown out again.

I now cover all works in progress, even if I am using a more respected medium.

"Autumn Palomino" Pastel

"Deja View" Pastel

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