Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Shopping List

Imagine the scenario.  We’ve all been there.  You’re out of milk and you will need it for coffee in the morning.  So you get in the car in car and drive to the nearest grocery store with that one item on your mind.  First you think, “all I need is one of those hand held baskets”, then you reconsider realizing that a gallon of milk can be a little heavy.

You start to browse the aisles; since you are there you may as well check out what is on sale.  You pick up a box of this and a can of that and before you know it your cart is half full so you head to the checkout, pay for your items, and drive home.

Once you arrive home you unpack the bags and put the items away.   Did you really need those packages of Oreos?  Well, they were on sale at two for one, you reason.  You forgive yourself that one little indiscretion until the last bag is unpacked and you discover there is no MILK!

This little mini drama works equally well with bread, eggs and tampons.

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