Thursday, August 12, 2010

TV Food!!

I think I have finally figured out the cause of obesity in America.  It’s right there in your very own family room. No, I don’t mean the veggies sitting on the couch; I’m talking about the TV itself.

Think about it.  You’ve been strictly adhering to your diet.  You are eating healthy all day, and then you sit down after dinner to watch a little TV.

It’s like a parade of temptation, all sorts of junk food, fast food, restaurant food, and all pictured in high definition. If it isn’t in one of a zillion commercials, it’s on the shows and movies themselves.  Sitting mesmerized in front of that new 50-inch plasma you start to salivate and you’re not even hungry.  Even the diet foods look terrific.

You press those buttons on the remote hoping to land on a channel that focuses on a medical mystery or a situation comedy.  This is safe or so you think, until an actor starts to eat a plate of fried chicken and you know that for the next week or so you are going to be searching out any Popeye’s you can find. The next day, eating that gloriously delicious and greasy, cardiologist’s nightmare,  you wonder how you can be so easily led on this path of dieters ruin.

There must be some sort of science fiction subliminal messaging going on.  Or maybe it’s the way the actors themselves eat the item in question with such obvious relish.  Don’t even get me started on the food channel.

 So you turn on The Travel Channel thinking you are safe but you are wrong.  There is even more foods on the programs and in the commercials.  Even though some of the foods are a little more exotic, you are still wondering where you can go to get some of that camel curry.

A commercial comes on focusing on how a once famous actor has lost 40 lbs. on a diet plan…here is something you can sink your teeth into.  Your ears perk up and you raptly watch the screen wondering what can be the key to her amazing weight loss.  Is it counting calories?  Is it a strenuous exercise routine?  Is it mind over matter? The answer appears in the form of Chicken Parmesan, Shrimp Primavera, Cheeseburgers, Spaghetti and meatballs…..

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