Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you have Triskadekaphobia?

I don’t, but maybe I should.  I just discovered that is the phobia name for those who fear Friday the 13th.  Triskadekaphobia…geez the word just doesn’t roll off the tongue does it?  With a superior attitude, I would laugh at anyone who felt this superstitious fear.  Afraid of Friday the 13th?  That’s ridiculous!

This morning I woke up from a nightmare at 3.  Yes, it was the start of Friday the 13th.  I rolled over and closed my eyes, perhaps just a bit tighter than usual, and tried to go back to sleep.  Needless to say it took a while and my poor suffering husband had to sleep with me velcroed to his backside.

I got up late, no surprise considering my lack of sleep, and rushed around trying to get to work as near to on time as possible.  I didn’t have any time for breakfast so I rushed outside, bombarded by raindrops the size of Texas.  I got in the car and noticed that my gas gauge was precariously close to the fume level.  Why didn’t I get gas last night when I came home?

I jumped on the interstate in hopes of getting to my destination that much quicker.  Wrong!  The traffic was barely moving and at that rate of speed I would be lucky to get to work by Saturday the 14th.  I got off at the nearest exit. 

Oh no, I almost forgot, I need gas and a cup of strong coffee wouldn’t hurt either.   So I stopped at the gas station, pumped the gas, spilling some on my shoes.  I could see that this day wasn’t going to get any better so I sloshed through the puddles like a three year old and went in the store to get some coffee.  What is it about umbrellas that always seem to turn inside out even when there isn’t a wisp of a breeze?   I squeaked through the door (puddles will do that to shoes) and got my coffee inhaling deeply the pleasing aroma.  This day is going to get better I just know it.  As I went outside the umbrella rebelled yet again and I spilled the coffee down the front of my shirt. 

I finally arrived at work a half hour late (it’s a good thing I’m a partner) bedraggled, wet and definitely chastised. 

Do I now have Triskadekaphobia?  Maybe.  It is Friday though and at the risk of sounding like Scarlett O’Hara, tomorrow is another day ;-)

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