Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walking a crooked line

I think I’m going to lose it the next time someone says to me,  “I have no talent for art, and I can’t even draw a straight line.”  Well, here’s some news, I have been drawing, painting and selling my work for years and guess what?  I can’t either.  I am an artist. 

Straight lines are kind of a man made invention.  Nature sometimes imitates straightness.  A tree may seem straight until you see the leaves connected or the tiny limbs and twigs that reach out from its base.  I guess you can say that nature is forgiving, looser and easier for imperfect humans to imitate.

So paint, draw and create because you can.  Leave the straight exactness to the architects and draftsmen.   Create and free yourself from the tight constraints of straightness.  Anyone can learn by using a ruler and level to imitate straightness but real art comes from a place that is already quite capable.  Let the child that resides within you to be your teacher.

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