Monday, August 16, 2010

Things to do while waiting at a traffic light

There is a traffic light near my home that last for centuries.  Sorry, I am prone to slight exaggerations.  Anyway, in order to go anywhere in my town this particular traffic intersection must be navigated. More often than not one must sit through several cycles. In order to keep my sanity, I have come up with several suggestions for passing the time while waiting…

1.  Get to know your neighbors.  By neighbors I am referring to those unfortunate individuals who are in the same boat.  You can learn a lot about people from observing their cars or trucks.  For example you now know whose kid beat up your honor roll student.  You also know for whom the person whose bumper you are staring at voted for in the last election and their favorite sports team.  You even discover how many stick figures live in their homes by order of size and species.  Due to the popularity of vanity plates you can even be on a first name basis. By the time the light has changed you might be able to invite said persons over for a barbeque.

2.  Now would be the time to touch up that lipstick or straighten that tie.

3.  If you are mathematically inclined you might want to figure out exactly how much of your life you are spending at this particular light.  Start counting the seconds and keep a tally, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three….

4.  You may want to check the map. Is this really where you need to be?

5.  Take a sip of that hot coffee so that you won’t be wearing it after you start moving again.

6.  Look for another station on the radio.  You never know what you will find especially if you have satellite radio.

7.  If you really get bored try waving to the people in the adjacent cars.  Trust me, they will always wave back.  It will drive them crazy the rest of the day trying to figure out who the heck you are.

8.  Pay attention to the light itself.  No point in contributing to someone else’s road rage.

Something you’d better leave for later:

Cell phones unless it is the hands free variety.  Seriously, texting is never a good idea, in a moving or non-moving vehicle when are the one moving it.  You will never get to finish the sentence and you may end up getting closer to your neighbors than you would like.  At the risk of sounding preachy, when I went to get first aid, CPR certified, the instructor made a point of letting the class know that many times EMT’s find cell phones in the hands of serious accident victims.  So it’s no joke.  Ok, preaching done.  Enjoy.

Titled, "Start of a perfect day."

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